The The 4th ΑΙΙΑ CVML Summer School (23-28th August 2021) has special focus on on Deep Learning and Computer Vision and their applications in:

  1. autonomous systems, notably autonomous drones (HW/SW architecture, world perception, infrastructure surveillance, modeling and mapping, mission planning and control), self-driving cars (HW/SW architecture, highway environment perception, control), autonomous marine vehicles and
  2. digital and social media (e.g., media analytics, cinematography).

It is sponsored by International AI Doctoral Academy (AIDA)

It consists of two short courses:

1) «Short Course Computer Vision and Deep Learning course» 23-24/08/2021 delivering an in-depth presentation of  Deep Learning and Computer Vision for Autonomous systems, with applications on autonomous cars, marine vehicles and drones.

2) «Programming short course and workshop on Deep Learning and Computer Vision» 25-27/08/2021, providing skills for programming Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Autonomous Systems tasks (using e.g., Pytorch, Tensorflow, OpenCV, CUDA, ROS, Gazebo, AirSim).  

Both events are at senior undergraduate/graduate/PhD level. Students, Engineers, scientists, and autonomous systems enthusiasts can register to either or both events.

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