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Artificial Intelligence (AI) poses serious R&D and societal challenges to addressed in the near future. Here are two notable examples:

  1. Knowledge is the basis of our society, yet it is not formally quantified. How can we quantify knowledge, knowledge aggregation and transfer (education)?
  2. How can we build trustworthy and humanistic AI, while still advancing economic growth and competitiveness?

Horizon2020 AI flagship R&D projects  AI4Media  , ELISE and the International AI Doctoral Academy (AIDA) joined forces in sponsoring this event to debate hot AI issues of any form on any scientific, societal, industrial/economic AI aspect.

Discussion sessions will be informal and hopefully lively and hot to debate contrasting views (thesis-antithesis) on each issue. Session panelists will make their short statements before and/or during the panel to be discussed by the audience. There will be 2 AI science/technology 1 ½ -2 hour sessions in the morning and  2 AI society/industry/economy  1 ½ -2 hour sessions in the afternoon.

Any proposals on hot, futuristic and/or provocative debate topics and panels are welcomed.


The e-Symposium will take place on 15 September 2021.


This e-Symposium will organized by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. It must be noted that Aristotle was the founder of Logic and, to a good extend, of Ethics.


All 2021 e-Symposium discussions and proceedings will be delivered remotely using Zoom. The course link will be announced soon. The next (2022) Symposium will be a physical one,

to be organized in the informal and inspirational forms of the ancient Symposia (which means co-drinking, while debating). It will be  combined with visits to Aristotle birth place (Stageira, Chalkidiki, Greece)

and school (Mieza, Imathia, Greece).


To be announced.


Attendance will be free.

All lectures and workshops will be in English.


AI Mellontology e-Symposium Chair: Prof. Prof. Ioannis Pitas (IEEE Fellow, IEEE Distinguished Lecturer, EURASIP fellow) received the Diploma and Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering, both from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. Since 1994, he has been a Professor at the Department of Informatics of the same University. His current interests are in the areas of image/video processing, machine learning, computer vision, intelligent digital media, human-centered interfaces, affective computing, 3D imaging, and biomedical imaging. He has published over 920 papers, contributed in 45 books in his areas of interest and edited or (co-)authored another 11 books. He has also been member of the program committee of many scientific conferences and workshops. In the past he served as Associate Editor or co-Editor of 9 international journals and General or Technical Chair of 4 international conferences. He participated in 71 R&D projects, primarily funded by the European Union and is/was principal investigator/researcher in 41 such projects. He leads International AI Doctoral Academy (AIDA) and is PI in Horizon2020 EU funded R&D projects AI4Media (1 of the 4 AI flagship projects in Europe) and AerialCore. He has 33300+ citations to his work and h-index 86+.

Dr. Ioannis Kompatsiaris, CERTH. Dr. Ioannis (Yiannis) Kompatsiaris is a Research Director at CERTH-ITI, the Head of Multimedia Knowledge and Social Media Analytics Laboratory and Deputy Director of the Institute. His research interests include ΑΙ/Machine Learning for multimedia analysis, Semantics (multimedia ontologies and reasoning), Social Media and Big Data Analytics, Multimodal and Sensors Data Analysis and Human Computer Interfaces. He is the co-author of 178 papers in refereed journals, 63 book chapters, 8 patents and 560 papers in international conferences. Since 2001, Dr. Kompatsiaris has participated in 88 National and European research programs, in 31 of which he has been the Project Coordinator. He has also been the PI in 15 contracts from the industry. He has been the co-chair of various international conferences and workshops including the 13th IEEE Image, Video, and Multidimensional Signal Processing (IVMSP 2018) Workshop and has served as a regular reviewer, associate and guest editor for a number of journals and conferences currently being an associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Image Processing. He is a member of the National Ethics and Technoethics Committee, the Scientific Advisory Board of the CHIST-ERA funding programme and an elected member of the IEEE Image, Video and Multidimensional Signal Processing – Technical Committee (IVMSP – TC). He is a Senior Member of IEEE and ACM.  Since January 2014, he is a co-founder of the Infalia private company, a high-tech SME focusing on data intensive web services and applications.







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