Topic: 3D image processing is mandatory for the improvement of the image quality. One of the ways of improving the image quality is filtering, which is used to eliminate noise. Also, in most cases, the resolution of the imaging devices along the three dimensions is different. Which is why changing the grid spacing along the dimensions using interpolation is used. Additionally, fast Fourier transform (FFT) algorithms are necessary, since 3D images contain huge amounts of data and discrete Fourier transform (DFT).


  • Programming Language to be used: Python.
  • Importing required libraries (numpy, pandas, scikit learn, OpenCV, etc.).
  • Apply appropriate filtering (e.g., 3D MEDIAN FILTER).
  • Apply 3D morphological operators.
  • Apply Volume Interpolation.
  • Apply Frame Row Column (FFT) algorithm.

Instructions and Material for solution: Click Pdf & Code to download the exercise material. The code provides a GUI to build in the above filters and algorithms (for instructions read the txt files included).

Lecture for better understanding:

This exercise was developed by A. Vasileiadis.


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